Hello and Welcome, I am Kaneisha!

I’m a passionate lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer rooted in the vibrant Washington metropolitan area. Though I cherish capturing moments in this bustling hub, my lens knows no bounds—I’m always eager to embark on adventures and travel to craft your story wherever it unfolds.

Photography has been more than a profession; it’s been a lifelong love affair. From the tender age when I first held a camera, I’ve been entranced by the power of freezing moments in time. My travels have not only broadened my horizons but also deepened my appreciation for diverse perspectives, textures, and emotions—elements I weave into every frame.

Every click of the shutter is a commitment. A commitment to delivering not just photographs, but memories engrained with emotion, authenticity, and artistry. Your special moments deserve nothing less than the highest quality service and images that resonate with your unique narrative.

I invite you to explore my portfolio and connect with me. Let’s collaborate and craft images that speak volumes, capturing the essence of your life’s most precious moments.

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Andrea Beale

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"Kaneisha Johnson has been my go to photographer for the past several years. I’m a social media influencer and I have used Kaneisha’s services for several years because she’s committed to get the perfect shot. Whether it’s entertaining my random request to hike the woodlands of DMV for an obscure waterfall or getting the perfect shot on the Brooklyn bridge she’s been there (accommodations must be paid/made). We’ve grown in our creativity, precision, professionalism and execution. She’s the real deal."

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